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LGBTQ Dating Group on Facebook for 8-Year-Olds Sparks Concerns (Screenshots)

Children often rely on their own instincts when faced with threats to their safety online, such as explicit content or online grooming, a new study reveals.

The findings uncover an uncomfortable truth about how children are left to their own devices when navigating the digital world, increasing their vulnerability to harm.

Conducted by non-governmental organisations ECPAT International, Eurochild and Terre des Hommes Netherlands, the study involved focus group discussions with 483 children from 15 countries, including ten EU member states.

Many of those children said they prefer to keep their online activities to themselves and struggle to talk with adults about the risks they face online. Others said they filter what they tell their parents and caregivers about the harms they encounter.

These harms include cyberbullying, violent content, or negative mental health experiences. But across all 15 countries studied, sexual abuse and exploitation online – such as grooming, self-generated sexual material and live-streamed child sexual abuse – constitutes the biggest, single threat for minors.

In our country the situation is even worse!

Libs of TikTok raised the question about possible pedophile group on Facebook:

Why is there a Facebook “dating group” for LGBTQ people as young as 8-years-old with a requirement to post a photo of yourself and write your age?

She even alerted the FBI but the group was still online:

The world was a better place when 8 year olds had no business even knowing what LGBTQ means and there was no dating before 15.

We uploaded every screenshot in case someone tries to cover this scandal!

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