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Disgraceful! Protesters In London Just Took Action Unprecedented In UK History Against Trump’s Upcoming State Visit

Pictured: Workers line the mall today with Union Flags as the capital makes preparations for the arrival of US President Donald Trump in London

Londoners have vowed to hold the biggest demonstration against Trump the city has ever seen. One Facebook event already has 21,000 people signed up to go.

After Trump announced his intention to visit, prominent UK citizens started calling for the demonstrations. Everyone from lawmakers like David Lammy, Labour MP for Tottenham to the comedian Stephen Fry got in on the action.

Hundreds of thousands of activists are preparing to paralyze London with mass demonstrations during Donald Trump’s state visit next week.

More than 20,000 police officers will be deployed at 20 separate events planned across the country in a security operation expected to cost about £18million.

The main protest will be held in central London on Tuesday with organizers claiming a quarter of a million will march from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square. Scotland Yard has given them permission to protest just yards from Downing Street while the US President has lunch there with Prime Minister Theresa May.

Two groups – Stand Up To Trump and Stop Trump – are co-ordinating protest groups for what they are calling a ‘carnival of resistance’. They have laid on coaches to bring thousands of supporters to the capital from cities and towns across the UK.

A spokesman for Stand Up To Trump said: ‘We will be bringing central London to a standstill. By the time he leaves he will know, and the world will know, that people here reject him and his toxic politics.’

Stop Trump added: ‘We will make it clear to the British Government it’s not OK to normalize Trump’s agenda and the fear it has sparked.’

Given the fact that some of the authorities in London support this demonstration, we can say for sure that their numbers will be huge!

As a reminder last year during BBC Radio 4’s Programme, the Mayor of London defended allowing a giant balloon depicting Mr. Trump as an angry baby to fly near Parliament, saying:

“Frankly speaking, the idea that we limit the rights to protest, we limit the rights to free speech because it may cause offense to a foreign leader is a very, very slippery slope.”
Sadiq Khan does not want you to know that recently London has launched a team to track down and arrest people who post mean “Islamophobia” messages on social media.
According to the Muslim mayor of London, you have freedom of expression as long as you do not insult Muslims by criticizing Islam, the Prophet Muhammad, the Koran or terrorist attacks.

In the video below you can see UKIP David Kurten grills Sadiq Khan over wasting police time on ‘HATE’ incidents.

Videos below:

Trump has made America safe and has made the world safe. In London, under Khan as mayor, crime is soaring to unprecedented levels and people don’t feel safe.

Maybe that is one of the reasons why these demonstrations are supported by the London mayor!