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Sheriff Says Democratic Presidential Candidate Should Be Arrested For Signing Sanctuary Bill (Video)

Unfortunately, we have become a welfare society, and there are those who do take advantage of the system. It is a sad state of affairs.

This picture shows exactly what America has come to understand Obama’s reign. He has encouraged these illegals to cripple America and that has happened. While many Americans slave away putting in 40 or more hours a week just to make ends meet, there are other members of our society enjoying collecting welfare checks on American taxpayer’s dime.

The Dems seems to support these Obama’s era policies but one local sheriff has a solution to the Sanctuary cities and the problem they create!

The Daily Caller reported that local sheriff wants Democratic Washington Gov. Jay Inslee to be held in contempt of Congress, or even arrested, for signing a sanctuary bill into law.

“There is no way that this law is going to be followed because I have a responsibility to make sure that criminals are taken off the streets of my county, regardless of immigration status. I will be helping my federal partners do that,” Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich said Friday on Fox News.

Watch the interview below:

Amen to that!! And the people in this country better come to the fact that a bunch of these Democrats with these kind of policies are brining down a great country. I for one feel all concerned American’s better stand up to these few and tell them WE ARE NOT GOING TO STAND FOR THIS!

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