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Major Blow to Democrats: Judge Tosses Case Accusing Trump Of Conspiring With Russia And Wikileaks

Even though Muller’s investigation never had any evidence of a Trump colluding with Russia to affect the 2016 presidential election, it was carried out to give the illusion that something really happened and Trump did something wrong. As a bonus, it gave Muller an excuse to dig into people around Trump to stoke the flames of guilt by association and to get them say bad things against him. All for the mainstream fake news to gobble up and spew back out to their low informed leftist fans.

It has been well known for a long time now that the fake Russian dossier was put into the hands of a FISA judge to get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.  The dossier was a hoax, but was presented as facts.

It is also now well known that man who came up with the Russian dossier, Christopher Steele, was paid by Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

Since Mueller’s investigation was destine to fizzle out and die, desperate Democrats decided to spark new light into their hoax by filing a lawsuit against President Trump for colluding with Russia and Wikileaks to disseminate their personal information.

Two of the plaintiffs, Roy Cockrum and Eric Schoenberg, were DNC donors, and the third, Scott Comer, was a DNC staffer.

On Friday, Judge Henry Hudson of the Eastern District of Virginia dismissed the lawsuit because they failed to properly state claim upon which relief could be granted. Whether the allegations were true or not was beside the point.

Law & Crime reports:

The plaintiffs argued five causes of action. The first was based on an alleged violation of federal law–specifically 42 U.S.C. § 1985(3)–and state violations.

The judge said that the federal claim failed because Section 1985(3) is meant to be remedial for the violation of a substantive constitutional right, and doesn’t provide any rights itself. Judge Hudson also said Cockrum failed to specify any underlying right. The court said the complaint alleged a sort of First Amendment violation, but failed because there was no government actor involved.

The first three state claims were for unlawful public disclosure of private facts, one for each of the plaintiffs. After a lengthy discussion over where this disclosure legally should be deemed to have taken place, Judge Hudson said that this could not be determined based on the information in the complaint. As a result, the judge decided to apply the law of Virginia, where the lawsuit was filed. This was unfortunate for the plaintiffs, because Virginia does not recognize the kind of right to privacy that they claim.

“Because no such cause of action exists in Virginia, the Court will dismiss Plaintiffs’ claims for public disclosure of private facts without prejudice,” the judge wrote.


This was another huge blow to Democrats schemes to try and get something on Trump to smear him over.

All they can do now is have some of their nuts in congress to keep claiming they are going to impeach Trump with absolutely no valid reason for doing it.

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