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Florida Man Arrested After Cocaine Found in Cookie Monster Toy

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A Florida man was arrested on drug charges after it was found the Cookie Monster toy in his car was packed with cocaine, according to the New York Post.

A Deputy of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Orey Swilley pulled over a car with an obscured license plate and overly darkened window tint.

Swilley could smell marijuana, which resulted in the vehicle being searched, where a backpack was found containing the cocaine stuffed Cookie Monster.

Swilley thought the toy was a little heavier than it should have been, and then found a slit cut into the toy.

When police opened the toy, they found two packages containing 314 grams of cocaine.

The Driver of the vehicle, Camus McNair, 39, was then charged with cocaine trafficking.

Camus McNair
Camus McNair

He was taken to the Marathon jail and was held on $7,000 bond.

Although stuffed toys may not seem like the most obvious place where someone would hide drugs, teddy bears are one of the drug hiding places the DEA has warned parents that teens use to hide their stash.

All parents strive to have an open and honest relationship with their teens. However, if your young loved one is dealing with drug addiction, they often become secretive, and as parents you may find answers in their rooms or vehicles. For those facing this serious issue, here are a few common places your teen could be hiding drugs.

Teddy Bear, stuffed animal

Teddy Bears

If your teen is still holding on to his or her adored childhood teddy bear, you may want to consider this. The inside seams of the stuffed animal can be used to hide small amounts of drugs.

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