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Video: Man Wearing Trump Face Mask Accosted by Store Manager at Mall

man accosted by store manager at mall


A man wore a Make America Great Again (MAGA) face mask to the mall in Scottsdale, Arizona to see how people would react and the reaction from a Bath & Body Works store manager was not unexpected when half of the population allows themselves to be mentally manipulated by radical leftist propaganda from Democrat politicians, Hollywood and the media.

Jeremiah Cota, Director of Strategic Initiatives for AZ Trump Victory wore his MAGA mask to the Scottsdale mall and the Bath & Body Works manager snapped and yelled “F#$% Donald Trump” at him as he walked by.

After hearing this, Cota turned on his phone’s video camera and went back to confirm what she had yelled at him.

She shamelessly confirmed her words to him.

Cota tweeted out the video on Twitter:

I was accosted by @bathbodyworks manager simply for wearing a Trump face mask. She yelled at me “F—- Donald Trump” while I was simply walking by the store. I went to ask if I misheard her and she said no. Poor customer service at @bathbodyworks

Watch the video:

Bath & Body Works corporate responded to Cota’s tweet with no immediate apology.

We’d like the opportunity to speak with you about your experience, Jeremiah. Please DM us your phone number and best time to contact you. Thank you!

Cota responded:

Hi, @bathbodyworks this was the store at Scottsdale Fashion Square mall. I was walking by the store with my family when the manager yelled an unprovoked expletive at me for my #MAGA face mask. This was an embarrassing and harassing experience for me coming from your management

Bath & Body Works Corporate responded with another tweet:

We assure you we taking this seriously and partnering with the appropriate team for further review.

— Bath & Body Works (@bathbodyworks) July 10, 2020

I don’t know why this needs to be reviewed. It is obvious the manager needs to be fired and they should be immediately apologizing and sending Cota a healthy size gift card.

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Update: According to the Arizona Republic, the manager is no longer working for the company. Good!