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Maxine Waters Is Angry That “Impeach 45” Is Fizzling Out and Attacks Her Own Colleagues (Video)

Now that the Russian collusion hoax has fizzled out, so have the Democrat’s impeachment hoax. However, Maxine Waters must really believe that the President has done some wrongdoing which would justify impeachment, because she is mad about the rest of the field walking away from it.

Waters took to twitter on Thursday to lash out at her own colleagues, who have dismounted the “impeach 45” hobby horse.

“Unfortunately, many Members of Congress whisper the President should be impeached but have not supported my call for impeachment. Only a few of us dare to continue to urge both Dems and Repubs to impeach this dangerous president. I will keep trying. The public needs to demand!” she wrote.

Waters has been demanding that Trump be impeached since the day he took office. It’s about all she does other than promising black folks that she is going to give them reparations and other fanatical promises that will never happen.

Last week, Waters claimed Trump is not acting in the best interest of the country and should be impeached in an interview on MSNBC’s “AM Joy.”

Joy Reid opened the segment with dramatic claims and a barrage of allegations against President Trump before she engaged Waters in the interview.

Waters droned on with lose allegations and innuendos about the President. Near the end of the interview, Reid asked if it was fair to the American people that the Mueller probe is all that will determine if there are grounds for impeachment or not.

Waters argued that Americans should trust Congress, not Special Counsel Robert Mueller, to determine whether the president has violated any laws because she believes the president “may be compromised in the way that he’s dealing with other countries.”

“I believe in the Constitution, and the Constitution gives us the authority and the responsibility to decide whether or not a president is acting in the best interests of this country. This president is not. As far as I’m concerned, he has enough violations, he’s been involved in a lot of activity that we believe needs to be made apparent,” Waters said.

“And so, I believe that we have everything that it needs to basically impeach him. I believe that. And you’re absolutely right, we’re depending on Mr. Mueller,” she added.

“The American people should be depending on the people that they elected to represent them to determine whether or not this president is undermining the Constitution, whether or not he’s acting in our best interests, and whether or not he’s putting us in danger because he may be compromised in the way that he’s dealing with other countries.”

Watch the video:

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