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Melania Trump Meets the Queen In Iconic Hervé Pierre Hat Draws Comparisons To Princess Diana (Photos)

Melania is always classy and looks good in her clothing, good taste in clothes and a beautiful lady!

Today was no different during their second state visit to the United Kingdom.

The first lady looked as striking as ever in a sharp white skirt suit with a crisp navy collar and belt by the Italian luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana, matched to a custom Hervé Pierre double face wool crepe hat with a midnight blue silk hatband. Mrs. Trump’s navy Manolo Blahnik stilettos were nearly dyed-to-match the suit’s collar and belt.

The look immediately drew comparisons to a similar style sported by Princess Diana in 1995, s well as a Givenchy dress-and-hat combo worn by Duchess Meghan in June 2018.

Fashionistas were quick to approve of the outfit on Twitter, with some saying they “love” the look, and one declaring FLOTUS the winner in a “battle of the hats” with Prince Charles’ wife Camilla.

The white hat, as Fashion Notes has chronicled, has become an iconic signature of Mrs. Trump’s.

Last year, for instance, she donned three white hats — a pith hat on safari, a custom Hervé Pierre hat while the French were in town, and a Chanel hat for her quasi-photo shoot amongst the Egyptian pyramids.

For her fourth white hat moment, Mrs. Trump channeled a 21st Century, contemporary Audrey Hepburn as “Eliza Doolittle” in 1964’s My Fair Lady with the fiercely biais angle of the hat and the ensemble’s head-to-toe, two-tone color story.

Impeccable woman, everything she wears takes on a timeless classiness, the nautical colors and classic cut of these ensembles are perfect for a visit with English royalty with their traditions as a sea power. It is hard to believe that there could be a more perfect first lady than Melania Trump for America. As usual, a job wonderfully well done. I’m proud of her.

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