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One of the Latest College Racism Claims Turns Out to Be Another Hoax

Syracuse racist incident hoax
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Ashe Schow of The Daily Wire writes that a recent alleged racist incident at Syracuse University has never been verified to have actually occurred, although CNN has written about the incidents as if they really took place.

Other media outlets wrote about the incidents too. Some outlets even acknowledge that the incidents had not been confirmed true, but still wrote about them as if they were true.

Schow writes that the latest allegation claims are of a swastika found painted on a wall, an unknown student shouting racial epithets, other racist graffiti found on a wall, and a racist manifesto that was sent to several students’ cellphones.

Shortly after CNN and other media outlets spread news of the alleged racism at Syracuse, the manifesto story was debunked, according to Schow. CBS News reported last week that Chancellor Kent Syverud told the University Senate that authorities couldn’t find anyone who had received the manifesto, which was apparently a copy of the one written by the man who allegedly killed 51 people at two mosques in New Zealand earlier this year.

“It was apparent that this rumor was probably a hoax,” Syverud said, “but that reality was not communicated clearly and rapidly enough to get ahead of escalating anxiety.”

Schow wrote that every instance of alleged racism on college campuses has turned out to be a hoax, yet media outlets still jump at every accusation. Despite the near constant hate crime hoaxes on college campuses, media outlets continue to report that American college students are some of the most racist and bigoted people in the country.

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