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Pelosi Caught On Video As She Flashes A “White Power” Symbol – No Media Outrage

We all remember when the MSM made a headline stories when a Trump White House advisor named Zina Bash appeared to hold her hand in a furtive OK while siting behind Brett Kavanaugh at his confirmation hearing.

Video below:

As soon as people on social media began pointing it out, Bash’s husband went on the offensive, tweeting that “Everyone tweeting this vicious conspiracy theory should be ashamed of themselves.” Like Jack Breuer, John Bash quickly offered his wife’s Jewish-Mexican heritage as evidence that she could not possibly be involved in hate politics.

She was only one of the many that got “hurt” by the MSM in the last four years for flashing the so-called racist symbol.

But we didn’t hear anything when the leader of the Democrats flashes a so-called white power symbol.

It was all caught on a video where Nancy Pelosi was trying to tell the American people that Joe Biden’s 3 TRILLION dollar bill was actually “zero dollars.”

But when Pelosi was trying to tell everyone it was “zero dollars” she made that no-no “white power” sign with her fingers!

Video below:

Although, it was a bit of an “arthritic” version, nevertheless, she got heckled by the American people but not one mainstream media bothered to say anything about it!

Here’s what folks had to say about Pelosi’s “Alt-right” hand gesture:

“Looks like someone asked her how many functioning brain cells she had left”

“What’s wrong with her face though, has she had a stroke?”

“It’s not white power. It’s a satanic symbol. She’s a Satanist and is demonstrating her loyalty to Lucifer!”

“Who knew Nancy Pelosi was a “White Nationalist?” I wonder if she will get CANCELLED for flashing that “White Nationalist” hand sign…”

“Is she having spasms?”

“Is Nancy Pelosi the new leader of the Alt Right?”

“Is that the dreaded RACIST okay hand sign?”

“Nancy is a white supremacist, where was she on January 6th????”

“Wait, is she signaling white supremacy? I can’t keep up?”

“White power symbol.”

“I was told that gesture was racist”

“Is this a racist signal? Who makes that hand gesture? Is that a B? an 8? What is that?”

“Wow Pelosi throwing up the white power sign imagine that”

Let’s be clear according to Emojipedia  the OK sign is not racist but that didn’t stop the liberal mainstream media to use this as a campaign against former President Trump!

From Emojipedia :

At least, the OK gesture is not intrinsically a racist symbol of white power—nor is its emoji form, 👌 OK Hand.

Like many gestures, 👌 OK Hand has many legitimate uses, but this one also has many layers of use that involve trolling, as well as its use as a hate symbol under the guise of trolling.

Let’s clarify what the 👌 OK Hand emoji is and is not, and how it became associated with white supremacy in the first place.
Meaning and Use

Named OK Hand Sign in the Unicode Standard, 👌 OK Hand was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010.

Major vendors display the emoji as a right hand making the OK gesture, in which the thumb and index finger touch in a ring with the remaining digits held upright. While the emoji defaults as yellow, modifiers are available to alter its skin tone.

Will anyone talk about it on the social media?

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