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Photos: Jill Biden Reveled Her Bold Post-Hurricane Fashion Choice En Route To Florida And People Ask That She Gets The Same Treatment From The Media As Melania Did

President Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden are finally off to Florida, where they’ll be able to see for themselves the aftermath of Hurricane Ian (whether the president will get to spend any time at Disney World remains to be seen. He’ll no doubt be disappointed if he doesn’t.).

Anyway, looks like Dr. Jill is dressed very nicely for the occasion:

Photos below:

I’m sure that the New York Times, WaPo, and Vogue are all furiously banging at their keyboards right now to be the first to offer a hit piece on Jill Biden for doing the absolutely unthinkable: wearing heels to a disaster zone!

What the heck is Jill Biden thinking wearing THOSE SHOES to a disaster zone??

In case you need to be reminded, the media went INSANE because Melania Trump chose a similar type of footwear when she went to visit flood-ravaged Houston.

Heels were definitely a huge topic of conversation with the previous First Lady:

Yeah, this story was ALL OVER the national headlines.

Here’s people reactions:

I look forward to reading the Hollywood Reporter, Business Insider, and Vanity Fair mercilessly mock the current First Lady for not wearing work boots to a flood zone.

Jill Biden is the wife of a Democratic president. It’s not like she’s married to a Republican, for God’s sake.

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