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Video: Black Florida Dem Getting Hurricane Help Is So Happy, He Knows Who He’s Voting For – The Reporter Reaction Speaks Volumes

He’s probably not going to appear in any campaign ads this season. Still, the man in this video might have given Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis the strongest endorsement for next month’s election he’s gotten this year.

The unnamed speaker in this video, said he was a Democrat from Arcadia, Florida, and was going to be voting for DeSantis in November.

Unfortunately, his expletive-laden comments would require so much editing to make them even PG-13 that there’s no way they’re going to get the distribution some would like to see.

(And how. Seriously, if you’re at work, you should probably turn the sound down. And I mean way down. Also, maybe if you’re not at work.)
Warning language:

“They’re s***ting about DeSantis, but that gas is here in Arcadia,” the man said, pointing to a tanker truck that the camera then panned to. “I don’t know about the rest’a y’all, but it’s here in Arcadia.”

“So y’all know who we voting for,” he added, as his companion laughed. “I don’t know an awful lot about the rest of you [distinguished ladies and gentlemen], but I’m voting for DeSantis.

“And I’m a Democrat,” he added.

“Y’all can call it what the f*** you want to call it,” he was starting to add, when a woman off-camera interrupted him with a warning about his language.

“We got children out here,” she said.

“OK, I’m sorry, ma’am,” he responded. (He didn’t seem all that sorry to me.)

Video below:

This man just blew up the narratives of an entire trillion-dollar media industry.


Truly amazing.

The ending was just the cherry on top!

Some on the left and in the liberal media seem to want to concentrate on attacking Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ response to the hurricane. But DeSantis has been everywhere, round the clock, trying to deal with the emergency. So while they might try to attack him, there isn’t much more that someone could have done, under the circumstances. He seems to have done an excellent job with a very serious problem.