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Police In Swedish City Urge Women Not To Go Out Alone After 4 Rapes In 4 days


I don’t know if Americans know what is going on all over Europe but they NEED to. If liberals want to keep bringing illegals into this country, we would end up exactly like Europe — overrun with fear.

Sweden is jut one more example of once peaceful country that has gone downhill.

Swedish women need to think about their “behavior” when they leave the house in the city of Uppsala. Otherwise, they might be raped. That message is stated by the police in the newspaper Expressen.

They advise women not to go out alone, to always be around others and to stick to well-lit streets. Ideally, they should not walk through the city at all in the evening and at night. If they must go out, they should travel by car. When Expressen asks if it really is on the women to change their behavior, the police reply that they cannot be in all places at the same time, and that men can use the tips as well to reduce the risk of being subjected to street robbery.

This means that Swedes now have to change their behavior because of the unsafe situation in the country.

Should we expect the same thing in our country if the Dems have it their way?