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President Trump Says He “Found Obama’s Magic Wand” After Best Job Growth In 21 Years!

President Trump has delivered on his promise to make American manufacturing great again. On the 2016 presidential campaign trail Trump said he would be “the greatest jobs President that God has ever created”. President Trump proved he wasn’t kidding in a tweet exclaiming the best job growth for manufacturing in 21 years in today’s tweet.

Trump was ridiculed by the left in 2016 when Obama spoke to his minions.

It turns out that Obama was mistaken and the jobs have come back all thanks to that trusty “magic wand” that President has been using all along.


The Daily Caller reported the manufacturing industry saw an increase of 284,000 new jobs in 2018 — the biggest annual job gain since 1997. There was an increase of 207,000 manufacturing jobs in 2017.

“Manufacturers are bringing people back into the workforce, and we need this trend to continue,” said Dr. Chad Moutray, chief economist for the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), in an interview with CNBC.

“There’s, of course, more work to do to guarantee this growth continues. A growing gap between the number of manufacturing job openings and the number of skilled workers to fill them could derail much of the success we’ve seen the past few years,” Moutray continued. “It’s clear, however, that the U.S. manufacturing industry is running full-steam ahead, and smart policy decisions are putting the industry on the right track.”

The manufacturing industry job growth contradicts Barack Obama’s 2016 statement when he said manufacturing jobs “are just not going to come back.” According to Forbes, the Trump administration has seen an increase in 10 times as many manufacturing jobs than the Obama administration as of October 2018, and that number continues to increase.

According to the Labor Department, almost all of the manufacturing jobs created in the last two years include durable goods manufacturing, including fabricated metals, computer products and electronic products. Failed President Obama was 100% wrong when he “those jobs aren’t coming back”.

Over 5 million jobs have been created since Trump took office and the unemployment rate is still below 4 percent. Could President Trump’s magic wand be a backbone?