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Trump Supporter Wearing MAGA Hat Sexually Assaulted on Camera by Privileged Liberal, Police Watch and Do Nothing (VIDEO)

Is there such a thing as Toxic Feminism?

A privileged Liberal woman acted on her deepest desires in Washington D.C. this week and sexually assaulted Owen by grabbing him by the genitals right in front of the camera and the local police. It’s no secret that Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer is one of the most attractive men in news media after all.

She claimed she was making a comparison between the “locker room talk” President Trump made years ago by acting out the assault on an innocent reporter. There’s a big difference between talking about an action and actually doing it.

Check out the raw unedited footage.


The double standard the Left lives by are being perpetuated by the MSM and their supporters are so deep down the rabbit hole that they don’t know how far they have strayed from normalcy.

In another viral tweet Owen called on the President to take action concerning the massive double standards.

“Your supporters are being attacked, assaulted, brutalized, bullied & intimidated everyday for showing their support for you. Please Mr. President, address the hate crimes of the left before one of your supporters is killed.”


What do you think? If a brain washed Liberal sexually assaulted you in public and then laughed about it would you seek to press charges? Should MAGA supporters let them get away with this kind of hypocrisy or continue to play nice?

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