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Prominent New York Democrat Andrew Stein Stands Up To The Dems: ‘Donald Trump Is No Racist’

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Andrew Stein is an American Democratic politician who served on the New York City Council and was its last president, and as Manhattan Borough President.

He is also known as one of the few Democrats that speak the truth.

Taking to the pages of The Hill, he writes of the overwhelming evidence of Trump’s true attitudes on race. It is who a read, for it relies on facts, not just opinions.

From the Hill:

Donald Trump is no racist. I have known him since 1973 and have never seen any indication or any form of racism. In fact, quite the contrary. When I was Manhattan Borough president and president of the New York City Council, I asked him numerous times to help black or Hispanic groups, and he always came through, many times without publicity.

When a hurricane ravished Puerto Rico in the mid-1980s, I asked many big companies to give various forms of assistance — but the problem was how to get all of this aid down to Puerto Rico. I called Donald Trump, and he provided us with a 727 jet to take all of the donated material down to the island, and he didn’t ask for any publicity for that generous act. 

My friend, Rev. Floyd Flake, the minister of the largest black church in Queens, asked for some help for his senior center. Again, I called Donald Trump and he wrote a big check. One day I met an African American woman on the street with her two adorable young kids. She was homeless, and I gave her some money — and then asked Donald to get her into some low-income housing in Queens. He came through and did so without any fanfare. When President Trump recently attacked Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), he was not doing so because Rep. Cummings is black but because the president is a counter-puncher. And he is right that Cummings has been a congressman for 22 years and that Baltimore, part of which is in his congressional district, is a mess.

The city has gotten worse during his tenure: more poverty, more drugs, and more crime. The president is honest and doesn’t parse his words, like most politicians, and that drives the media crazy. But his honesty is refreshing, and he is usually right, if not always diplomatic.

There are still a few leaders among the Democrats – far too few – who are willing to stand against the insanity.

Trump will likely be re-elected in 2020 regardless of the harassment perpetrated by leftist leaders in the House. They play the race card the impeachment card but in the end, results is what matters the most.

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