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Putin and Trump Collude to Put Feminist Globalists in Their Place at United Nations

The globalist bureaucrats at the United Nations (UN) have lost this round, after they failed to sneak through a feminist resolution that would have enabled more social justice public policy.

The UN caved after pressure was applied to them by the US government and the Russian government. Yet again, collusion comes in very handy to protect our freedom!

I24 news reports on the big win:

Nobel Peace Prize laureates Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege called Tuesday for justice for victims of sexual violence in conflict zones, as the UN Security Council approved a watered-down resolution largely stripped of substance by the United States and Russia.

The vote on the German-drafted resolution was held after intense last minute negotiations and additional changes in wording. Thirteen countries voted in favor while Russia and China abstained.

Both those countries said they opposed sexual violence in conflicts, but denounced “lax interpretations” in the text and a “manipulated” struggle to create new UN structures and “override” mandates already approved.

France vehemently criticized the United States for threatening to use its veto over a reference in the text to reproductive rights, seen by Washington as an encouragement of abortion.

Speaking before the vote, Murad and Mukwege decried the international community’s failure to act.

“Not a single person has been charged for sexual slavery,” said Murad, speaking at the United Nations about massacres of her Yazidi community by the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.

“The hopes of an entire generation have been destroyed,” the Iraqi human rights activist added, speaking of the “collective failure” of the international community to intervene.

“We give speeches at the UN but no real measures have been taken (in terms of obtaining justice) and nothing has been done.”

Mukwege, a Congolese doctor who like Murad was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018, asked: “What is the international community waiting for to give justice for the victims?”

He also called for the establishment of national and international courts to try the perpetrators of sexual violence in conflicts.

If these globalists were smart, they would write a resolution of praise to the great leaders of the US and Russia for pulverizing ISIS. Putin and Trump literally saved Western Civilization, and this is the thanks they get? Piddling around with this feminist nonsense helps nobody anyway.

The third-world is not being helped by the UN very much anyway. Trump would be wise to call another national emergency about the UN to deny them the funds they need to keep their phony operation afloat!