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Republican State Representative: I Saw Born-Alive Babies Drowned In Saline After Botched Abortions

I always wondered what kind of person could perform an abortion, let alone watch it. Could you do that to a puppy or a kitten?

Many of us would say not but the Dems would say let’s protect the puppy but they will never say that about an innocent child!

Testifying in support for a bill (Bill 359) seeking to protect babies born alive from botched abortions in North Carolina, Republican state representative Pat McElraft recalled horrifying experiences that she witnessed at the hands of a late-term abortionist when she previously worked in the medical field.

“You will hear from opponents of Bill 359 that there is no need for this bill. ‘We don’t have is happening in North Carolina.’ I can testify to the fact that infanticide has happened in North Carolina. I’ve been witness to the results of those late-term abortions,” stated the lawmaker, reported Live Action.

“There was an abortionist in Jacksonville, North Carolina, who was known nationally for performing late-term abortions,” the Republican continued. “We heard of many girls who came from other states to North Carolina — Jacksonville, North Carolina, to have their late-term abortions. Even hitchhiking down from New York, some of them did, to come in — those were the days when saline abortions were performed.”

“The salt content of the saline was so strong that it burned the little baby’s skin,” said McElraft.

“Nurses told of stories of the babies that were born alive and [had] been taken by the doctor and turned over with their faces down in the saline to drown,” she recalled. “Most of the nurses refused to work with this abortionist. He only did his abortions on the weekends.”

Abortion is as abhorrent as slavery ever was… and when the left talks about the moral breakdown of society in America, THEY OWN IT!

But I will go one step further and say it’s WORSE than slavery! A slave could escape, or have hope in the midst of their suffering. Their prayers, individual thoughts, their dreams….those no one could take from them. These innocent, helpless children have no chance to escape. There’s nowhere to run. They will never feel the joy of seeing the stars, the touch of their mother’s hand, the sun on their faces.