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QAnon Thinks Jen Psaki Is Connected To “Evergreen” The Ship Stuck In The Suez Canal (Images)

A shipping vessel that could clog the Suez Canal for weeks is the latest piece added to an ever-evolving conspiracy theory about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other members of a so-called “deep state” and links to human trafficking.

Communications channels where QAnon conspiracy theories spread were humming this week about a connection between Clinton and the quarter-mile-long ship that ran aground as high winds cut across the canal.

Those seeped into mainstream social media as well, including posts on Facebook and Instagram, where users tied Clinton’s Secret Service codename to the ship and suggested its radio call sign intentionally matched Clinton’s initials.

However, this theory was debunked.

Some QAnon folks or at least their account say that they are part of QANON, believe there’s a connection between a consulting company founded by Jen Psaki and the ship stuck in the Suez Canal.

Images below:

This theory is not debunked so we did a little research.

As much as people don’t like Psaki this theory is also false and people should stop spreading fake news.

Quick LinkedIn search reveals 56 companies named Evergreen Consulting.
Evergreen Marine Corporation and the Evergreen Group (Taiwan-based conglomerate of shipping) obviously share that one word. That’s the only connection.

Image below:

The ship and the consulting company are two different companies:

Parent organization: Evergreen Group
Headquarters: Taipei City, Taipei, Taiwan
Founder: Chang Yung-fa
Founded: 1968
Number of employees: 3,389 (2007) Evergreen Marine Corp. Taiwan
Subsidiaries: Italia Marittima, Evergreen Marine (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Share this information and stop the fake news, the fake news produced by the right makes decent conservative news look like fake news CNN.

We don’t exclude the theory that these accounts are not part of QAnon as anyone can list their account as QAnon.