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Reddit Loser Gets Ukrainian Soldiers Bombed After One Of The Soldiers Revealed That They Are Using Schools For Bases (Photos)

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Olha Stefanishyna – who was speaking to BBC TV’s Sunday Morning programme – accused Russia of “military tactics right in the cities of Ukraine”, adding they were carrying out a “terroristic plan”, with attacks coming from the air and also by land.

“Shelled hospitals, the shelled houses for kindergartens and schools, and the ordinary households,” she said. “This is how the reality looks.”

She said Ukraine was seeing “another wave of implementation of this terroristic plan of [the] Russian Federation”.

Ms Stefanishyna claimed Russia was suffering “enormous losses” of soldiers and equipment, but this “does not deter Russia”.

“It only encourages further aggression,” she said.

But it’s interesting to mention that the attack on he schools started 5 days ago when a Reddit loser posted a photo of a soldier taking a selfie inside a school gym!


Russians picked up the photo on Reddit and spread it on their huge military Telegram groups and soon after the attacks on the schools started:

The news was probably picked up by military intelligence and attacks on the schools started!

A disturbing video suggesting that the gym was attacked surfaced 5 hours after the Reddit post, but that wasn’t the same school even do more schools were attacked on that day and plenty of Ukrainians died!

Report about school being bombed in the last few days!
Video below:

Attacking or using as military space civilians and civilian infrastructures – such as schools and hospitals – is against the Geneva Conventions, which are treaties agreed by all countries that are supposed to regulate war.

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