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Rep. Omar Claims ‘Systemic Racism’ Is the Cause of High Black Unemployment, but Article She Cites Says Otherwise

Ilhan Omar


Being a Democrat holding a public office is easy today. You don’t really need to know anything, you just make claims that your constituents want to here, facts are irrelevant.

If Democrats need to bolster the credibility their claim, they only need to site article headlines, because the actual content of the article will never be read by their constituents.

For example, we have Ilhan Omar who tweeted out that the high black unemployment in Minnesota is due to systematic racism while using an article titled “Half of Black workers in Minnesota have lost work during pandemic.”

Omar tweeted:

“50% of Black workers in Minnesota lost their job during the pandemic. This is outrageous. Systemic racism has plagued all aspects of being Black in America.”

Well, there you have it folks, systemic racism.

The problem is, the article claims that black unemployment in Minnesota is high during the pandemic, mainly because of the types of jobs that black people are more likely to hold.

According to the article in the StarTribue:

One of the big reasons for the unemployment disparity in Minnesota is that Black Minnesotans are more likely to be employed at hotels, restaurants, retail, health and other service-related industries that have seen the most job losses because of stay-at-home orders and other pandemic-induced slowdowns.

“They’re on the front lines of some of the jobs that have been the hardest hit by the pandemic,” said DEED Commissioner Steve Grove. “We’re deeply concerned about it. It’s stunning to believe that if you’re African American right now, there’s a 50% chance you’ve applied for unemployment insurance.”

“Never pass up an opportunity to blame any misfortune on white people” is apparently the #1 strategy in the Democratic Party playbook.

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