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Results: Common Sense Anti-Mask Candidates Win Most Of The School Board Seats And Defeat Their “Woke” Opponents – Victory That Is Ignored By the MSM

Common sense candidates advocating against the anti-racism curriculum won most of their races for the school boards on Tuesday night. This was a contest that was largely seen as a local touchpoint in a national effort by the political parties to politicize school board elections.

In the images below you can see some of the results!

Huge win in Ankeny School Board in Iowa:

Huge win in Douglas County School Board- Colorado:

Big win for Carroll Independent School District- Southlake, Texas:

Big win for Johnston School District- Iowa

Huge win for Wichita Public Schools:

Massive wins sweeping Tredyffrin-Easttown School District – Pennsylvania:

Big win for Wallingford and Southington, CT schools

Great news out of New Mexico:

More wins in Kansas:

4 wins in New Caanan, CT:

Great news in Anoka Hennepin School District, MN:

Alexandria, MN:

Two wins in Pennsylvania:

Wins in Darien, CT:

Gettysburg, PA:

More from Ohio:

More wins in PA:

More wins in CT:

Parents win in Olathe, Kansas:

Mask mandate opponents unseat incumbents in Johnston School Board election night results:

We will update the article with more results as our team is working on receiving more results!

Feel free to send us your local results!

Common sense prevailing! The beginning of the take-back of freedom. Today’s the first domino of many to fall until 2022 and 2024. Huge win for democracy.

Most of the candidates support the 1776 Project PAC which was born in response to a New York Times Magazine project called The 1619 Project by Nikole Hannah-Jones that faked the legacy and history of Black Americans and slavery. Since its publication in 2019, it has been debated in Congress and state legislatures and held up as an example of critical race theory.

The 1776 Project PAC was founded in May by Ryan Girdusky, a supporter of former President Donald Trump and a conservative writer. At the time, he told news outlet Axios that his goal “is to help raise awareness and campaign on behalf of school board candidates nationwide who reject the divisive philosophy of critical race theory and want to push it out of our public schools.”

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