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Scaramucci Goes Full TDS – Implies Trump is a Cult Leader and His Supporters Are ‘People From The Cult’


Everything started last week when Scaramucci appeared on MSNBC and, in an effort to appeal to their audience, attacked the president.

“So, look, the president didn’t do well on the trip. He probably would be mad at somebody for saying that,” he said in reference to the president’s trip to El Paso.

“Maybe he’ll tweet something negative about somebody for saying he didn’t do well,” he said, anticipating the president’s response.

“But the facts are he did not do well on the trip because if the trip is being made about him and not the demonstration of compassion and love and caring and empathy for those people,” he said.

“Then it becomes a catastrophe for him, the administration, and it’s also a bad reflection on the country,” he said.

President Trump responded by tweeting:

Anthony Scaramucci, who was quickly terminated (11 days) from a position that he was totally incapable of handling, now seems to do nothing but television as the all time expert on “President Trump.” Like many other so-called television experts, he knows very little about me other than the fact that this Administration has probably done more than any other Administration in its first 2 1/2 years of existence. Anthony, who would do anything to come back in, should remember the only reason he is on TV, and it’s not for being the Mooch!

Scaramucci is now attacking Trump voters.

Anthony Scaramucci went on Media Buzz on Sunday and implied that Trump a cult leader and his supporters are cultists.

You can view the full video below:

Scaramucci was ousted from his job as White House communications director in July 2017 after a chaotic 11-day stint. In the years since he hasn’t hesitated to criticize the administration while appearing on television talk shows.

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  1. I think it’s time for pretty-boy to start proving his accusations, or cut him off for continuing to lie to the public.

    • If that was truly the case, CNN would be a test screen. Well, it’s a fail screen right now, but I think you get my point.

  2. Please, this person is mad because he was let go of a position that he didn’t qualify for. Now, he wants’ his “15min” of fame & what better way than to bash the same man you use to support? I agree with Margie, put up or shut up pretty boy!

  3. So the mooch is still having his tantrum. He is angry because the White House laughed at him for wanting to came back to work in the White House. Trying to get even with President Trump is not a good career move.

  4. Soon to be little man without a country like Bill Crystal and George Will. See how that works for you, Mooch? Trump 2020 w/o your vote.

  5. That little sucker is still on the payroll, just so everyone is clear. He is a needle, stabbing lightly to get specific reaction.

    He is a guy you hire, fire, and hire.

  6. The tactics being used now are straight out of the 1943 communist playbook. Throw everything at them hoping something sticks. Call them every know name the fear.

  7. Yet another shining example of someone who has been stricken with acute TDS. Their hate (combined with jealousy) and fake moral outrage knows no bounds. It makes one wonder how they would live day to day without having so much hate for Trump??

  8. LOL! Nobody but CNN cares what these clowns say. Everyone who gets jilted by Trump suddenly knew ALL ALONG now TERRIBLE he is! But it was fine while they were in the fold. Come on. Guys like the Mooch are just terrified to fade away…

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