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Source Claims Fox News Hosts Secretly Maneuvered To Get Judge Jeanine Pirro Suspended To Seek Favor With Democrats

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FNC is no longer must-see cable TV. All the news is online. And the compelling, enlightening perspectives are long gone from the network.

Conservative speech is being squeezed on the internet now. The last bastion of free-flowing information is coming to an end.
Judge Jeanine was the victim of these changes that target conservatives.

As the Gateway Pundit Reported:

The source asked TGP for anonymity to speak freely about the behinds the scenes maneuvers:

The original complaint came from Bret Baier’s team. Bret saw an opportunity to make Fox News acceptable enough to the left, so he could get himself a job of hosting the Democratic Debates. Bret instructed one of his producers, Hufsa Kamal, to tweet a condemnation of Judge Jeanine to put pressure on Fox News to suspend her show. Hufsa Kamal, a producer of Special Report with Bret Baier, has a history of anti-conservative tweets.

Shepard Smith, known as a “never-Trumper”, also played a major role in the Judge’s suspension. “He lobbied 24/7 to suspend her.”

Fox News placed Jerry Andrews, a far-left, anti-conservative as Executive Producer of Justice with Judge Jeanine to “muzzle Judge Jeanine from speaking the truth.” Andrews has a long history of anti-conservative, anti-Trump social media activity.

Fox News had admonished Pirro for her comment while several sponsors have left her show.

But what surprised everyone is the fact that day after canceling Judge Jeanine Pirro show Fox News hired Donna Brazile as their contributor that ads more value to the source claims!

More anonymous sources are now filling the void with reports that Pirro is being targeted by liberals at Fox News.

The Hollywood Reporter

On Monday quoted a source close to Fox saying executives have never liked Pirro, to explain why the network stood by fellow opinion host Tucker Carlson who has also been under fire–but for remarks, he made a decade ago on talk radio.

Fox News was quick to condemn Pirro’s remarks but has not criticized Carlson’s comments, some of which were made when he was an MSNBC employee. A source familiar with the network’s strategy explained the divergent approach: “They love Tucker. They do not like Jeanine Pirro. They never have.”

President Trump is demanding Fox News “bring back” Jeanine Pirro after her weekly show didn’t air Saturday night. Pirro had been under fire for the comments she made about Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.

Fox News pulled Saturday’s episode of the Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro show that regularly airs at 9 PM on Saturday.

It’s now revealed that Fox has pulled Justice with Judge Jeanine from next weekend’s lineup, according to the network’s online calendar. The Fox web page for Justice with Judge Jeanine is still up, however.

Screen images show Pirro’s show for Saturday, March 23 has been pulled for a replay of the Kennedy family rape scandal show that replaced her last Saturday night. Fox issued a statement last Sunday condemning Pirro’s remarks but did not mention a suspension.

Oh great! Fox will now have Donna Brazile as a “News Contributor”. Why don’t you guys hire Paul Ryan too and make it a complete Democratic love fest! Unbelievable!
They will lose a lot of viewers if they don’t bring back Judge Jeanine!
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