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TDS: The Democrat Epidemic

Let's make them cry again in 2020!


Since President Trump took the oath of office on that glorious day in January 2017, the Democrats and their lapdogs in the leftist media have worked overtime to cause an even greater divide than Obama did between the American people by spreading lies and promoting hate.

Those on the left love to say how anyone who supports President Trump is full of rage and ready to attack poor, innocent liberals without warning. Well, let’s take a little look at just how our friends on the left respond to Conservatives.

Oh, yes, isn’t he all warm and fuzzy?

How about this one? The perfect example of liberal tolerance.

Of course, these fools didn’t just decide to go completely nuts and attack conservatives without some prompting from those in the Democrat Party leadership, media, and entertainment industry.

Wow, such anger and hate.
However, Trump supporters know how to have fun!
Turn up your volume and get ready to cheer!

It can’t be fun to be a liberal today. To be consumed with such hate and anger would make a person go mad. However, Trump supporters are a happy bunch of Patriots. We love life, we know how to have fun, and we look forward to each day with hope in our hearts.