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The “Best” Christmas Gift Ever – Hunter Biden Action Figure Complete With Laptop And Crackpipe (Video)

We’ve all waited anxiously for this action figure. Well it is finally here!

If you are looking for the perfect gift for that friend or family member who has everything? Well, look no further. The Hunter Biden doll is here in time for the holidays, complete with a red Christmas scarf, laptop and crackpipe.

The laptop of course is in Russian since it’s Russian disinformation. Just kidding, it’s as real as it was back during the 2020 election cycle.

Video below:

Where can you buy your own Hunter crackhead doll? No one knows, but let’s hope this goes into mass production. These two clever and somewhat cheeky inventors can be swimming in crack and hooker money by the New Year.

If this individual sold this prototype Hunter Biden doll then I would guarantee that they would become a millionaire instantly overnight. He has constantly embarrassed his father Joe Biden with many events such as his now famous viral video of him wearing nothing but his underwear while smoking crack.

Of course nobody can forget how he mysteriously constantly loses laptops full of corruption, sex and other evil deeds. Hopefully this doll gets sold someday soon at Walmart, Target and other stores.

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