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Things Are Getting Crazy At The Flag-Burning Outside Of The White House (Video)

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Personnel placed a quarter million dollars worth of fireworks Thursday along a mile stretch of the Potomac River behind the Lincoln Memorial. The 15-minute display will be the largest and most expensive in Washington D.C.’s history.

But what happened before the whole celebration is just disgusting!

A brawl broke out in front of the White House on Thursday after protester burned an American Flag to protest Trump and the 4th of July parade.

Watch the video below:

Dan Bongino said it best when he said these people don’t know what they’re doing.

People on the right don’t want to fight, they’re hard, they work hard, they know how bad violence is, they’ve been in fist fights, done military service, etc.

Those on the left are often protected and seldom suffer physical backlash when they attack, except for the guy smoking a cigarette and smashing Antifa members in the face with a helmet, but I digress.

When the right snaps the left will be battered beyond their wildest dreams.

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first family red white gray 336