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Thug Brutally Murders Elderly Couple In Their Own Home

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A 23 year old African-American man has been charged with the brutal double homicide of an elderly white couple from a nearby town in Illinois, reports Riverbender.com.

Zachary Capers, whose last registered address was in Colinsville, Illinois, was charged with four counts of first degree murder after he fatally stabbed Michael Ladd, 79, and Dr. Lois Ladd, 68, of nearby Edwardsville, in their own home. Capers is currently believed to be homeless.

There are no known connections between the Ladd family and Capers, and police have yet to determine a motive. At the time of the murders, Capers was on release on no-cost bond after multiple misdemeanor charges for assault, criminal trespass and obstructing offer and one felony forgery charge, according to a report by The Intelligencer. He was also ticketed for possession of drug paraphernalia on the same day as his arrest for the murders. These were far from his only crimes, as he also boasted a prior conviction for possession of a stolen vehicle.

Lois Ladd was a local chiropractic doctor and pain management specialist, while Michael Ladd was a lifetime general contractor specializing in kitchens and bathrooms.

“We have no idea what happened,” Michael’s brother, Don Ladd told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “We’re all just really upset as a family.”

As Democrats continue to drum up racial tension, deranged leftists are taking the fight into their own hands and attacking patriotic Americans. Incidents like these just show the importance of defending our Second Amendment rights.

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first family red white gray 336