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Tlaib’s Grandmother Attacks President Trump: “May God ruin him,”


U.S. Representative Rashida Tlaib on Friday said she would not visit her family in the West Bank as planned despite a reprieve by the Israeli government allowing her visit.

“Silencing me & treating me like a criminal is not what she wants for me. It would kill a piece of me. I have decided that visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions stands against everything I believe in – fighting against racism, oppression & injustice,” Tlaib, a Democrat representing Michigan, said in a series of tweets.

President Trump decided to comment on the matter and used his Twitter profile to bash Rashida Tlaib.

“Israel was very respectful & nice to Rep. Rashida Tlaib, allowing her permission to visit her ‘grandmother,’” Trump tweeted on Friday evening. “As soon as she was granted permission, she grandstanded & loudly proclaimed she would not visit Israel.”

The president further speculated on the motivation behind Tlaib’s planned trip, asking, “Could this possibly have been a setup? Israel acted appropriately!”

President Trump fired back at Tlaib for her choice to jilt her grandmother, saying, “Rep. Tlaib wrote a letter to Israeli officials desperately wanting to visit her grandmother. Permission was quickly granted, whereupon Tlaib obnoxiously turned the approval down, a complete setup. The only real winner here is Tlaib’s grandmother. She doesn’t have to see her now!”

Muftia Tlaib Rashida’s grandmother decided to attack President Trump using God’s name.

“May God ruin him,” she says.

Tlaib is the grandmother of U.S. congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, at the center of an affair that has drawn Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu together against U.S. Democrats.

Ninety-year-old Muftia Tlaib, sitting in her garden in the village of Beit Ur Al-Fauqa, was not impressed. “Trump tells me I should be happy Rashida is not coming,” she said. “May God ruin him.”

Her son, Rashida’s uncle Bassam Tlaib, said the women had not seen each other since 2006:

“She was going to slaughter a sheep when Rashida arrived and prepare her favorite food, stuffed vine leaves.

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  1. I don’t think she had any intention of visiting “dear ole granny”. She just wanted a rile out of the POTUS. As soon as he gave her permission, she dropped the ruse. Can’t stand her. She IS NOT representing America. She has her own agenda, and it s not for the USA.

    • How many of YOUR/America’s $4+BILLION in WELFARE given to Israel every year comes back to America in the form of BRIBES to “american” politicians? Traitors voting to give Israel MORE, so they can get bigger BRIBES.
      Note they NEVER go to Palestinian areas — NO BRIBES.

      If Israel can afford to send rockets to the moon (plus it has a $120+BILLION savings) AND $36BILLION in US Treasuries. why is America giving Israel WELFARE checks? Why is America taking dollars from poverty level, multi-job working Americans and GIVING the money to a Nuclear POWER?

      • And, more to the point, why are your precious, peace-living “palestinians” firing rockets into civilian areas in Isreal, terrorizing and killing innocent civilians? Your obvious political biases are warped and sick.

    • I think she was hoping Israel would turn her request down so she could rant about racism and and her usual hateful rhetoric. When they quickly approved her humanitarian request, then she had to change her hate tactic. But seriously what a heartless bitch to use her grandmother for her political grandstanding! 😡

      • How many of YOUR/America’s $4+BILLION in WELFARE given to Israel every year comes back to America in the form of BRIBES to “american” politicians? Traitors voting to give Israel MORE, so they can get bigger BRIBES.
        Note they NEVER go to Palestinian areas — NO BRIBES.

        From Netanyahu’s infamous “Fink’s Bar diatribe” of 1990
        “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

        “I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.” Ariel Sharon – Former Israeli Prime Minister- October 3, 2001- Just 22 days after 911

        “It’s a trick, we always use it. In Europe when someone criticizes Israel we bring up the Holocaust. In America when someone criticizes Israel we call them anti-Semitic.” – Shulamit Aloni – Former Israeli Minister on manipulating critics of Israel

        From the Rosenbergs thru Pollard ….. it is always Jews or people working for Israel who spy on America.
        “The US shouldn’t give high clearances to Jews, because when asked to help, we’re willing to do anything for the love of our country, Israel.” — Spy Jonathan Pollard during interrogation by the FBI. Make note that Pollard was born in the US and his spying put America in serious nuclear risk back in the 1980’s. To recap. Pollard stole (among other things) secrets related to the US Nuclear Deterrent, including where US missiles were targeted inside the USSR, and sold that information to Israel. Israel, our supposed only friend in the Middle East turned around and traded that information to the USSR in exchange for increased emigration quotas for Russian Jews.
        Had a nuclear WW3 started at that moment, the USSR would have won.
        “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.”
        -Netanyahu, to Jonathan Pollard upon exiting Pollard’s jail cell in 2002

        • WOW! You must know that NOBODY reads a frothing 2-page comment riddled with words in all caps! Plus…try to relax. That kind of rant will get you a visit from the Feds! LOL!

          • I just blocked it. I as far as I was concerned, he (I think it was a he) just wrote mindless dribble. You know, how some people just hear to hear themselves talk?

          • I just skimmed the rest based on the obvious bias on display. But I’m unconvinced that ANY of that anti-America BS is legit. People can get on “the internet” anywhere, anytime, and say anything they want. We simply have to accept that much of it has zero credibility.

            The sad part is that a lot of people read it and take is as fact, now that critical thinking skills aren’t taught in public schools. It’s where we get nonsense like “climate change”, “chemtrails”, and affirmative action presidents.

      • god IS allah! They are the same deity . . . . . . So glad to be an atheist and not have to deal with this mythological nonsense.

        • No , moron. GOD is GOD, and Allah is who the muslims think is god, and their god is nothing like GOD. What they believe Allah will do for them is disgusting. What they believe Allah wants them to do is disgusting. You are such an idiot. Go back to your Left protected board.

          • If you speak to any actual theologian (something you clearly are not) you would be told that they are the same god. Your hate-filled mind is unable to accept that. You do realize how many nut bag losers like yourself has have killed people in the name of your mythological deity, right?

          • I haven’t done that to anyone, Mr. Alt left psychopath, who wants to let in Illegal Criminal Invaders that don’t belong here, don’t want to follow our laws, and want to turn this country into a toilet. No GOD would profess to accept what the muslim scum think is okay. You are no theologian either. You just want to destroy this country. I wouldn’t talk about nut bag losers. I’m not a traitor to my country out to destroy it. You are, psycho.

          • So let me get this straight . . there haven’t been literally millions of people killed throughout history in the name of YOUR god?? C’mon man! Even you aren’t that stupid.

            Christianity, Judaism and Islam worship the SAME deity, just in different ways.. If you disagree, you are simply clueless.

            How does a person even become like you? Were your parents this full of hate also? They had to be for you to end up like this.

          • No ,they do not worship the same GOD, and anyone who thinks that they do is a complete and utter moron. Millions killed in the name of the GOD I worship? I guess if you attack us and don’t want us to exist, then people have the right to fight back and kill the people who want to wipe them out. Correct? Or do you expect them to roll over and die, racist schmuck? The better question is how do people become like you? I actually know people on Long Island, and they aren’t Ignorant, traitorous and disgusting, ridiculous garbage like you are. My Parents were wonderful, loving people. I don’t know what kind of Parents you have, that would raise someone to be a traitor to their own country, and put ignorant and selfish Illegal Criminal invaders ahead of Legal American Citizens, never mind turn this country into a socialist toilet. Sounds like they came from a socialist toilet.

          • 1) your homework tonight is to look up the word socialist and stop using Hannity for your definitions.

            2) your mythological god and islam’s mythological allah are the same deity. I am very sorry if you are so ethnocentric that you are unfamiliar with this very basic theological tenet.

            3) You have referred to me as a “racist.” Please provide (verbatim) what you perceive to be racist that I have said. Good luck. It’s such a very tired play by right wing nuts to say “you’re a racist” to people who have said not one single word about race.

            4) Please reply to the FACT I pointed out that millions of people throughout history have been killed in the name of the mythological deity you worship . Please do your best to refute it. It might take a while.

            5) If what you believe to be “socialism” is so bad, can you send me your social security checks? Would you be OK if there were no police (since our taxes collectively pay for them) or libraries, or fire fighters . . . or guys to fill potholes . . . or . . .

  2. WHY and by WHOM an American President was MURDERED
    “We are concerned with the disturbing effects on world stability which would accompany the development of nuclear weapons capability by Israel. I cannot imagine that the Arabs would refrain from turning to the Soviet Union for assistance if Israel were to develop nuclear weapons capability–with all the consequences this would hold. But the problem is much larger than its impact on the Middle East. Development of nuclear weapons capability by Israel would almost certainly lead other larger countries, that have so far refrained from such development, to feel that they must follow suit”- John F. Kennedy.
    I did not think it possible for there to be a worse government than Obama or W-rong Bush, but I do believe Trump is going to surpass them ……………… God Save America.
    Donald Trump and his christian.zionist CULT members are actually making Kim Jun Ill look honest, rational and reasonable.
    Can you grasp this? “No low IQ muslim would LOVE the tormentors and crucifiers of their prophet.” But these C-Z idiots GROVEL to the Temple priests, the Biblical tormentors and crucifiers of Christ. If the Jews had crucified Muhammed would the Muslims be kissing Jewish behind? HELL NO.
    Bolton, Pence, Haley, Pompeo, the Huckabees, Ivanka & Donald Trump, Betrayers of CHRIST, Traitors of America. Jared Kushner SPY and Enemy Agent. Get them out of OUR government. Not only are they mental cases, they are STUPID.
    These C-Z cowards are all about preaching for war — but ALL of them REFUSED TO SERVE. “Chrystyans” that want war but none of them or their children will fight or sacrifice.
    They think precipitating a war that kills Billions of humans will bring about the return of the PRINCE of PEACE ! “christian.zionazi” is really just islamic.jihadism in different clothes. To claim they are going to “Build the THIRD Temple” is proof they know nothing of Christianity. To claim the Third Temple is yet to be built is to Deny Jesus Christ. Jesus “The LAMB of GOD” —IS— the Third Temple. The THIRD Temple (Jesus) was “raised up in three days” on Easter Morning.
    christianzionazis are betrayers of Christ and betrayers of America. They are homicidal maniacs, who are willing to kill for Israel, and make YOU die for it, too. These CZs are counterfeit Christians.

    • You’re an idiot,if you have’nt noticed it’s MSM pushing lies everyday trying to get a war started,when they reported that Kim Jong had killed the entourage that came here for a deal and when one was’nt reached,they were executed,that was a lie,so take a back seat,and grab your meds, 2020 is going to be a blast…lol

    • Actually…she looks like Pumpkinhead. Well…if someone smashed its nose with a skillet. Ohhh…I thought you meant Tlaib.

  3. What a hate filled bitch,this was on purpose,especially when you see where her trip was funded by a terrorist group! Sick of these idiot’s!!!

  4. The God of Christianity is not the same as the moon god of the satanic cult known as islam. Islam adherents are committing blasphemy.

  5. We ask Jehovah’s mercy upon this demonized and possessed soul. We cancel her witchcraft and ask God to show her grace.

  6. Palestinian Yasir Arafat drama is not worth watching. The actors are not only mediocre; they are ugly.

  7. Granny has just got too old and will give her Grand daughter a reason to mourn. Of course this will also be Trump’s fault his God being more powerful, that is. The satire is just waiting now.

  8. Granny’s a human shield showing that a visit with her would have been no different that visiting any of the other perps her granddaughter was going to visit.

  9. Well granny can kiss my American ass i curse her with a thousand flees that lay nest in her flabby arm pits, and the same to her grandchildren.

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