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Trump Attacks Tlaib Again: I don’t buy her tears

President Donald Trump’s recent attacks on the Democratic congresswomen known as “the squad” prompted an outcry from Democrats and several Republicans to condemn the remarks.

President Trump stood by his comments about the congresswomen, saying that they should leave the U.S. if they are unhappy. He did, however, distanced himself from the “send her back” chants, saying that he disagreed with them.

Today he made another attack on “the Squad”.

Sorry, I don’t buy Rep. Tlaib’s tears. I have watched her violence, craziness and, most importantly, WORDS, for far too long. Now tears? She hates Israel and all Jewish people. She is an anti-Semite. She and her 3 friends are the new face of the Democrat Party. Live with it!The President tweeted few moments ago.


Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib broke down during a press conference about her botched trip to Israel Monday, condemning Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for taking “a page out of Trump’s book.”

In his most recent smack back on Sunday the president crushed The Squad, and in particular Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

“House Democrats want to take action against Israel because it is fighting back against two (maybe four) people that have said unthinkably bad things about it & the Israeli people.

“Dems have such disdain for Israel! What happened? AOC Plus 4 is the new face of the Democrat Party!” he said.


Do you agree with President Trump?