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President Trump Re-Tweets Jon Voight Viral Video Where He Blasts The ‘Radical Left’

In Hollywood, outspoken conservative actors are a rare breed, and unless you’re an iconic legendary actor and directors like a Clint Eastwood, or an acclaimed Academy Award winner like a Jon Voight, there’s a likelihood that the rabid left might not be able to inflict too much damage to your career.

Jon Voight (80) was on fire today when he posted a video that quickly went viral.

n a video titled “Jon Voight’s message of peace and love,” the 80-year-old award-winning actor applauded the president for his commitment to the United States.

He also issued a call for Americans to come together in truth and faith, supporting Trump’s presidency for another four years and beating back the hatred of the left.

“This is not peace. This is not love,” Voight began the two-plus minute video. “This is hate among the radical left. No amount of book-smart will show the given policy of what truth stands for — truth — is a powerful emotion.”

Voight went on to point out that the Republican Party has “voted for renewal,” but that there is nothing but “war” among leftists in the U.S.

President Trump decided to re-tweet the video by saying:

Thank you Jon, working hard!


Voight’s video, posted Monday evening, has been viewed more than 941,000 times at the time of this writing.