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Trump Supporters Barricaded In Wetherspoons By Police After Being Surrounded By A Leftist Mob

Hundreds of thousands of activists are preparing to paralyze London with mass demonstrations during Donald Trump’s state visit next week.

More than 20,000 police officers will be deployed at 20 separate events planned across the country in a security operation expected to cost about £18million.

But not all of Britain is against Trump.

There are plenty of British people that support our President!

Independent reported:

Pro and anti-Donald Trump protesters have clashed during a march from Trafalgar Square to Parliament in central London.

A small group of supporters of the US president were surrounded by demonstrators in Whitehall.

Police intervened and pulled the pro-Trump group into a nearby pub for their own safety as cheers of “Nazi scum off our streets” rang out.

Police have now barricaded the small counter-protest group in the Lord Moon of the Mall pub.

Thousands of demonstrators are continuing to stream down Whitehall.

Police officers outside the pub told The Independent around 20 pro-Trump supporters are still being held inside and that the incident was the result of a “verbal disagreement”. No arrests have been made, they said.

Around a dozen Met policemen and women are still guarding the door at the time of writing along with members of the pub’s security team.

The British newspaper also reported that another group who was a pro-Trump was wearing a “Free Tommy” badge as a support for British conservative Tommy Robinson, complained about the media coverage of their events and the numbers that were presented by the mainstream media were false!

I now fear that others pro-Trump supporters might get hurt by the violent lefties mob!

A pub who is located in West London has been renamed The Trump Arms in honor of the state visit by the President of the United States.

This will be the second time the landlord of the Irish pub, 53-year-old Damien Smyth, is making the gesture.

Renaming his pub is a show of “respect” for the office of the presidency, he said, and celebrates a trans-Atlantic bond that, for Smyth, hearkens back to the Second World War.

“They had no qualms about helping this country or the country next door,” he said. “It’s about showing respect. The Americans, the Irish and the British are great friends, and now we’re family.”

Smyth said Americans are more than welcome, and he expects plenty of people from across the pond to come to the pub when Trump arrives.

Photos below:

We all hope that this incident will leave no victims!

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