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Trump to Sign Executive Order That Will Force Universities to Allow Free Speech (Video)

Why in the world should universities be able to suppress (conservative) speech and get rewarded for it? It is about time we had a GOP president who has the guts to take the fight to the other side.

Trump latest announcement will make universities take conservatives more seriously!

He is about to sign an executive order that will force liberal, totalitarian colleges and universities to allow free speech.
During Trump’s historic CPAC speech Saturday, Trump announced:

“Today I am proud to announce that I will be very soon signing an executive order requiring colleges and universities to support free speech if they want federal research dollars.”


To be eligible to receive any federal dollars, including student loans and Pell grants, a University is required to pass a bylaw that gives every Trustee and Administrator a fiduciary duty to the public to protect and promote free speech on campus.

Any Trustee or Administrator, who does not terminate or expel any student who interferes with free speech on campus, has violated their fiduciary duty and is immediately removed from their position.

For the first time since Reagan we have a candidate to vote “FOR” as opposed to just voting against the democrat

We have a real fighter that will do anything to help our country and this is just one step of his campaign!

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