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Video: After an Embarrassing Mishap and Getting Hopelessly Lost, Joe Biden LITERALLY SLEEPS Through the D-Day Event at Omaha Beach

Joe Biden once again demonstrated his questionable fitness for office, both mentally and physically, by unexpectedly crouching down during war celebrations in France.

During the D-Day 80th anniversary event with French President Emmanuel Macron, Biden began to lean forward, seeming on the verge of falling, before finally regaining his balance.

Jill Biden and Brigitte Macron looked on in bewilderment as the 81-year-old president continued to create an awkward scene.

You can watch the clip below:

Predictably, Biden’s odd behavior sparked numerous reactions online. Some speculated humorously whether he might have had a poop accident, while others noted Jill Biden’s apparent concern over her husband’s instability.

Biden arrived in France two days before the ceremony but still managed to be late! He showed a lack of concern for our heroes, the youngest of whom is 97(!), leaving them waiting in the cold, wrapped in blankets.

Jill, Ed.D., escorts Joe Biden out as French President Macron stays behind to greet veterans:

Like that wasn’t enough he went to Omaha to embarrass our country even more!

After getting hopelessly lost, Joe Biden is LITERALLY SLEEPING through the D-Day event at Omaha Beach:

Unbelievable. Joe Biden sleeping through a D-Day event is a new low, even for him. Disrespecting the heroes who sacrificed everything is disgraceful. The country deserves better leadership than this embarrassing display.

A significant comparison was made with Donald Trump’s composed speech at the same event back in 2019.

Here is what President Trump was doing on the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Giving one of his all-time greatest speeches to honor the heroes of that day.


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