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Video: Antifa Soy Boy Tries To Destroy The Jacked-Up Truck Of An American Patriot – Receive Instant Justice


The crises of the last two years show a significant breakdown of our civil order– and a sharp risk to the average person. And this goes double for driving incidents in the cases of protests. There are several high-profile cases where terrified big rig truckers and passenger car drivers struck protesters on roads and highways, or get into a fight while protecting their vehicle

A video that was sent to us this morning shows a confrontation between an Antifa soy boy who was blocking the road and a meat-eating American patriot.

They have the following stats:

Stats: American Patriot 5’11” 200 lbs. 4500 calories a day, mostly red meat. Lifts weights, hunts, plays sports, loves God, family, and the USA.

Stats: Antifa Communist, 5’4” 130 lbs. 1800 calories a day, mostly soy. Enjoys burning, & looting, hates America, hates God, hates family.

The Antifa rioter did receive instant justice for trying to destroy the jacked-up truck of the American patriot, he probably felt like he was hit by a truck!

You can view the result of the confrontation in the video below:

Our team didn’t receive any information about when and where was this video filmed, the only thing we know for sure is that this was part of an Antifa protest.

If there were more consequences like this, the bad behavior would stop.

The police have been ambushed by corrupt local, state & federal governments, have had their hands tied & put in harm’s way. It’s time we stand up to this challenge & let them know we’ve had enough.