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Video: Chinese Worker Rubbing His Shoes On Face Masks For Export In Display Of “Global Unity Over Coronavirus Pandemic”

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell announced his factories will be cranking out 50,000 face masks by Friday in an effort to help Americans during a time of crisis.

Lindell said he dedicated 75% of his manufacturing to produce cotton face masks: “In 3 days I was up to 10,000 a day — by Friday I want to be up to 50,000 a day,” he said.

Under Armour also agree to pivot production to assist in the fight against novel coronavirus.

The Baltimore-based footwear and apparel brand announced on March 31 it plans to manufacture and distribute more than 500,000 fabric face masks while assembling and distributing 50,000 specially equipped fanny packs to support the 28,000 healthcare providers and staff that comprise the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS).

It seems made in the USA will be a declaration that we gonna see a lot more.

And we should produce more made in USA products because one video shows the real side of the Chinese factories and their humanity.

As Taiwan News reported:

…a video posted on Twitter appears to show a Chinese factory worker soiling face masks meant for foreign clients. The man, who is not properly wearing his own mask, can be seen laughing with glee as he grabs surgical masks by the handful and rubs them on his shoes.

The video was uploaded at 10:14 a.m. Monday morning by a Chinese coronavirus vlogger from Wuhan who goes by the pseudonym Harry Chen PhD. Before being suspended by Twitter in late February, Chen’s Twitter account had gained 35,000 followers for his frequent insider videos of the outbreak in Wuhan and CCP abuses.

Chen later created a new account through which he has defiantly continued to post videos his trusted sources in China sent him through encrypted channels. Chen told Taiwan News that the video had been filmed on Monday by workers in a factory converted to produce surgical face masks.

Video below:


We need to create our own American products now more than ever, as another video shows that India’s in on the supply chain too and the conditions are “very hygienic.”


While Communists rub their shoes with face masks CNN (Communists News Network) cuts away from the coronavirus task force press conference when My Pillow’s Mike Lindell gets up to speak about how his company repurposed its factories to produce N95 masks.

Video below:

In any case, we gonna need more heroes like Mike Lindell!