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Video: CNN Hosts Stunned When Reporter Reveals Why Migrant Gangs Steal Money In New York, Spend It In Florida, Then Come Back

Why don’t illegals steal in Florida?

I don’t think Brianna Hill was quite ready to hear the correct answer to her question from a fellow CNN host.

She was stunned. Completely silenced.

New York City police released video on Tuesday evening of a mob of migrants beating and kicking two New York City police officers near a migrant center at Times Square on Saturday night. The officers were injured in the attack, but did not need to be hospitalized.

The video shows the mob initially complying with the two officers who were telling them to move along. But just after they disappear from view, the two officers come tumbling back in camera range, tussling with one of the migrants who is putting up a fight.

The illegals were then released without bail, and one was caught flipping off the cameras after leaving the courtroom. They have now reportedly fled to California.

During a segment on CNN This Morning, Jon Miller, a law enforcement analyst for the network, explained to hosts Erica Hill and Phil Mattingly how organized these violent criminal gangs are. He specifically noted the criminals’ long rap sheets and the fact they operate on mopeds and scooters.
Video below:

This should have been an obvious truth to anyone, but Hill had no response. Mattingly then thanked Miller and ended the segment.

Gangs of illegal immigrants run crime rings in New York, travel to Florida to spend the money, then travel back to New York so they can steal again. All because they know New York with their woke prosecutors and soft-on-crime DAs won’t throw them in jail.
It’s a heck of a system they’ve got going there, and it’s working exactly like those in power want it to.

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