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Video: Democrats Just Released An Undercover Video Of A Congressman That Reminds Of Project Veritas – Accidentally Make A GOP Ad For The Midterms

“Under Current” captured House Freedom Caucus member Dave Schweikert of Arizona on video and tricked him into saying that he would make sure J6 defendants are treated fairly, the FBI is broken up, and that the House would impeach members of Biden’s administration who have clearly violated their oath of office.

And he does this all while holding a baby.

Video below:

This is supposed to be like a Project Veritas video, exposing the deep dark underbelly of the Republican party.

Instead, they made a campaign ad for the GOP.

So basically Democrats of 2022 record a Republican saying something that a left-leaning Democrat of the Vietnam era would have said on NBC news and this is somehow bad?

The Republican Party’s chances for taking control of the U.S. Senate after November’s midterm elections are continuing to improve, with betting market PredictIt now favoring the GOP over Democrats.

Republicans reached a 52% chance of winning the Senate last Wednesday and stayed at that mark on Thursday, according to PredictIt data. That’s the highest level since Aug. 1, which was the last time that the GOP was favored. (Note that PredictIt says the sum of all odds can be higher than 100%, or $1, especially when they have been changing rapidly, because they reflect most recent trades.)

But even left-leaning pools start to show that the GOP will take the win and with a good ad like the one in the video above they will surely regain control of both chambers!

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