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Video: Did Joe Biden Say ‘I Realize After _____ing Your Wife’ at a NATO Summit? Watch the Sign Language Interpreter in the Bottom Corner for Your Answer

Joe Biden on Tuesday evening almost stayed up past his bedtime to deliver remarks on the 75th anniversary of NATO.

Biden opened the NATO Summit by announcing new air defenses for Ukraine – Ukraine is NOT a member of NATO!

His handler Jill sat in the first row:

How must Joe Biden’s incoherence look to the rest of the world?

It’s been going on a long time, despite the fact that some in the media only seem to be embracing the reality of it now. And others in the world have seen the problem.

Joe Biden went into a festival of slurring, as well as dropping and mangling words.

As much as he talks about Ukraine, he has trouble here just pronouncing it.

This one I can understand, but he’s definitely doing that running words together thing again here.

But the culmination was when Joe said that he was doing someone’s wife!

“I realize after _____ing your wife. “

“I personally ask you to extend your service….laughs……… Forgive me?”

Watch the video below:

Here’s what the sign language interpreter allegedly said:

He wanted to say “talking to”, but I don’t understand why he made that comment in the first place, or laugh and say he’s sorry after.

Biden looked lost as he shuffled off stage.


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