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Video: Hate Crime Ignored By The MSM As Two Men Are Beaten In The Middle Of State Street Chicago – The Police Didn’t React And No Arrests Are Made

Two men were beaten and robbed in Chicago’s River North neighborhood early Saturday.

The victims were attacked on State Street near Kinzie at about 1:30 a.m.

Video shared on social media shows the men knocked to the ground on State Street. They are robbed as they lay on the ground.

Chicago police said that the 40-year-old victim was taken to Northwestern Hospital. The other victim refused medical attention.

Video from the incident below:

The incident has sparked new controversy, as video obtained from the scene by CWB Chicago does not show any police responding to the scene. Supt. David Brown later defended the department’s response time to the busy intersection.

“Let me address one of the aspects of the incident, (which was) how long it took to get there. There were officers on walking beats that were nearby. From our preliminary review, it took about six minutes to get there,” he said. “Not everybody was cooperative, but you can see it was a very chaotic scene.”

No arrests have been made in the case, and Area Three detectives are investigating.

Another hate crime that was ignored by the media as America’s once beautiful cities are turning into a third world s**t holes!

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