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Video: Here’s What Chinese Kids Do At Summer Camp While Your Child Is Learning About Gender Fluidity On TikTok

Recently, a video originating from a Chinese summer camp has emerged online, shared by Jennifer Zeng, a US-based Chinese activist. The video has stirred significant controversy due to its alleged depiction of questionable practices taking place within the camp. As the video gains traction on social media platforms, it has sparked discussions about the treatment of children in such camps and raised concerns about the potential infringement on their rights and well-being.

The video shared by Jennifer Zeng showcases footage purportedly taken at a Chinese summer camp. In the video, children can be seen engaging in rigorous physical exercises, military-style drills, and other activities that some viewers have deemed as excessively harsh and potentially harmful. The footage also includes scenes where children are subjected to discipline and reprimand from camp instructors.

The soldiers are Japanese soldiers are dressed in World War II uniforms.
Video below:

The camp is most likely the Red Sun camp in Shaoyang Hunan, but China has a lot of military-themed summer camps for kids.

While the specific details regarding the camp’s location, name, and the context surrounding the video remain limited, the content has provoked significant online discourse, with many expressing outrage and concern over the treatment of children in these environments.

In the meantime, Gender activists in our country insist that all children need a foundation in “gender literacy.” Imagine that. For thousands of years, pubescent teens the world over somehow managed to pass through puberty without being “gender literate.” Not so for today’s kids, who need gender literacy to grasp “the complexity of gender” since “gender is about more than bodies.”

At this point, one might reasonably ask, “What exactly is ‘gender’?” The Gender Spectrum document never defines it, noting only that “the vocabulary of gender continues to evolve and there is not universal agreement about the definitions of many terms.” Translation: Gender means what activists want it to mean.

Gender Spectrum suggests teachers impart gender literacy by telling their students: “We don’t know what someone’s gender is just by looking at them,” and “While many of us thought that genitals define our gender, our gender is richer and more complex than that.” The gender-literate child learns that “a person’s body, gender expression, and gender identity” each exist “on a spectrum,” and that gender and sexual orientation are different but “related aspects of a person’s identity.”

Teachers will portray “multiple non-binary gender identities” as normal, embraced “historically” by “many cultures across the globe.” (Historically? What, since last Tuesday?) Let’s be blunt: Gender literacy is code for gender indoctrination.

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