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Video: Hillary Wears Your Grandmother’s Couch to the Tony Awards and Tries to Make Election Year Pitch, and People Have Questions

Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance at the 2024 Tony Awards where she discussed the historical significance of Suffs and the current election year, which earned her a standing ovation and plenty of cheers. The former U.S. senator and secretary of state introduced the performance for Suffs — she serves as a co-producer for the musical.

“What a great evening. Now, I have stood on a lot of stages, but this is very special,” she said. “And I know a little bit about how hard it is to make change.

“So, I’m extremely proud of this original American musical by Shaina Taub — now a two-time Tony winner,” Clinton added. “And of course, it is about some American originals: The suffragists who fought so valiantly for so long to give women in our country the right to vote. It’s almost impossible to think about what a challenge that was. But now it’s an election year, and we need to be reminded about how important it is to vote, so please welcome the company of Suffs!”

What was more interesting is her wardrobe choice!

Watch the video below:

Why is she wearing mu-mus everywhere now? Surely the goodness she doesn’t think she looks good in them? Maybe she’s just ready for bedtime quick as she gets home

Is she cultural appropriating her outfits??