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Video: Joe Experienced The Trifecta From Hell In East Jerusalem – Gets Lost While Leaving The Stage Again

It appears that President Joe Biden committed four new gaffes while visiting East Jerusalem this morning.

Gaffe No. 1:

Before crossing into East Jerusalem, Biden removed the Israeli flags from his motorcade — “a move that may be seen as undermining Israeli sovereignty”:

And he pledged $100 million of aid to a Palestinian hospital network while there:

But this led to gaffe No. 2 as no Israeli officials were allowed to attend the ceremony:

And “Israelis are furious”:

Gaffe No. 3:

Biden took a dig at our two biggest allies — the UK and Israel — in one quote after comparing the Irish experience with Great Britain to what’s going on with the Palestinians and Israel.

Gaffe No. 4:

Oh, and he’s still shaking hands after he urged people to avoid doing that:

That wasn’t the end of Biden’s troubles he also experienced the trifecta from hell in East Jerusalem.

He appeared exhausted, barely able to push his words out, and he was coughing, a lot.

Did he catch Covid?

It appears that he is the only person on earth that didn’t get Covid!

Joe experienced the trifecta from hell in East Jerusalem.

Joe claims he was coughing because he “swallowed wrong.”

Video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“The ‘ol down the wrong tube trick…this guys got COVID”

“He doesn’t sound good. He’s talking so slow, like he has no energy left.”

“Did they literally just wake him up from a nap to deliver this low energy speech?”

“It sounds like quad-vaxed Joe got the RONA”

“I get it that people choke, we’re all human, but this sounds worse than that, he sounds so listless and tired. Could he have Covid?”

“Joe is mentally and physically sick”

“Dear god, someone tell this man we don’t need a blow by blow about what’s happening inside his esophagus. Gross”

Shortly after that, he lost himself while leaving the stage again!

Video below:

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