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Video: Mel Gibson Saluted Trump At UFC And Got Completely Ignored, Or Trump Didn’t See Him?

It was huge news when Ultimate Fighting Champion president Dana White said that former President Donald Trump and filmmaker Mel Gibson will be in attendance when mixed martial arts star McGregor takes on his rival Dustin Poirier for the third time at UFC 264.

Trump sat “cages-side,” and when he came into the arena, the crowd went absolutely wild, cheering, hollering, and chanting “USA, USA, USA.”

It was an amazing scene.

Video below:

Instead of a private box, President Trump chose to sit cage-side. White, a personal friend of the President, told TMZ that Trump “doesn’t care, he’s not that guy, he’s not hiding in a box somewhere, that’s not his style,” and that Trump will instead sit directly behind him.

A lot of big “movers and shakers” were in attendance at the fight, which ended early, during the first round when Conor McGregor broke his leg.

One of the big A-list celebrities in attendance was actor and director Mel Gibson.

Here’s a photo of Mr. Gibson at the event:

Video of Trump’s entrance into the UFC event showed Gibson saluting Trump as he greeted his adoring masses:

(Look closely, and you can see Mr. Gibson give President Trump an actual “salute” as he walks by)

Trump seems to ignore Gibson but it’s unknown if the former President see the legendary actor!

As for the match, Dustin Poirier defeated Conor McGregor at UFC 264 on Saturday night after the Irishman injured his left ankle in the final seconds of the first round.