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Videos: Women Destroy Walmart, Try To Bite Officer, Officer Gets Suspended For Responding With Force

A Dewitt police officer is on paid administrative leave following an altercation at a Walmart in East Syracuse.

A controversial social media post shows the officer punching a woman in the face on July 4th in the store on Basile Road. Town of Dewitt officer, Rory Spain, whose been on the force three years, is on leave until an internal investigation is complete.

You can watch the viral video with a slow-motion below:

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The bodycam footage below:
Part 1:

Part 2:

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To get more perspective on the incident, a former NYPD police officer revealed if this use of force was justified?

Striking a person with a hand, object or weapon is defined as the use of force in the DeWitt Police Department’s policy online.

The department’s policy also mandates that a report will be filed about the incident.

DeWitt Police also say their officers must complete diversity, ethics, and use of force training, adding that communication and decision-making skills are a focal point for officers.

Dr. Keith Taylor, adjunct assistant professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and former NYPD police officer, says he’s encountered incidents like this before.

He says even though the women initially complied, when they started to resist there was no other way to handle this.

“The officer was trying to get the individual to stop biting him. That is what he could do at the immediate time, just to stun her, to get her to stop,” Dr. Taylor explains.

Dr. Taylor says, in this context, the officer was in a fluid situation and did what he had to do to get control.

But, he adds any use of force by an officer needs to be taken seriously.

“When you don’t monitor use of force, then you have people that will quickly find ways to abuse that lack of scrutiny.”

DeWitt Police say none of the officers involved in this incident have a disciplinary record within the department.