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VIDEO: Plane Full of Illegal Immigrants Flown Back To Guatemala


It seems that Americans are fed up with the idea of letting illegals through our borders like we are a country without borders!

People have chosen Trump to put an end to illegal immigration.

A plane landed in Guatemala Friday with families deported from the United States.

One unaccompanied minor was among the 112 people who came on this flight, including 50 children with their parents, Guatemalan authorities said.

On Tuesday, 56 Guatemalan families, including 70 children, arrived from Brownsville, Texas, Migration of Guatemala informed.

On Wednesday, authorities confirmed the arrival of 22 children who were deported with their parents, also from the same Texan city.

Video below:

It’s not clear why they are being deported, but it may be because President Trump narrowed the criteria recently for passing the initial criminal fear interview. Families of the victims of gang violence no longer pass the test with that claim. That was radical progressive overreach by Barack Obama. Honduran families are also being sent back to Honduras and Salvadoran families are being sent back to Salvador.

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  1. Close the border, build the wall. If they want to come to America, come the right way. We HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN.

  2. We should designate a special airline of about 5 planes, just for that purpose, now…
    and name it Parasite-air..
    Hey, those 737’s are just sitting there gathering dust..we could use those!!

  3. Now what’s going to happen to these people who have been deported back to their own country. Where did they go and what will they do? …just 😔 wondering

    • They will resume their previous lives. They really should have thought about it before they came, you just can’t really expect to walk into another country, uninvited, and think they will allow you to stay, and provide for you. Most of them tell border patrol that, they seen ads that told them to come here and how they would get all these freebies, Yes they were conned but anyone who had common sense would know it could not be that easy.

    • I’d say most of these kids don’t remember living anywhere else but the US. I do feel sorry for them but that’s on their parents. They should become activists for their own countries.

      • Why feel sorry? These people been living there for thousands of years! What’s not to like? They get to keep their culture and language and not have to assimilate to become American. Remember, the left says we are the most racist country so why stay here? You should show your sympathy for homeless veterans and mentally sick people that already are here. Be happy President Trump is not ‘ripping ‘ these kids from their families.

    • Oh GOLLY, WHAT WILL BECOME OF THEM? Oh dear, oh dear, quick, bring them back, give them a free home and medical care and money.

  4. Better yet, for every illegal that comes into the country lets deport 2 democraps. Then lets see the how fast the communist put a stop to illegal entry!

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