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VIDEO: Police Taunted as “Cowards” They Respond to Shooting of Young Female Officer — Crowd Heckles As Officer Lays Bleeding

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Obama/Biden put a target on LEO’s backs and this is the result. Now the Dem party has put a target on ICE officers backs. Blood spilled is blood on Dems hands.

It seems that this war against the police is happening everywhere!

California is one of the so called “Sanctuary States” that seems to care more for illegal immigrants instead of it’s own police force.

Crime Online reported:

Video posted to social media apparently captures two women taunting and heckling a group of California police officers Wednesday as they responded to a shooting that left one of their colleagues dead.

Posted to Twitter by Comstock Magazine digital editor Matthew Keys, the video reportedly shows Sacramento Police officers handling a domestic dispute which escalated into an armed standoff. In it, an officer is seen shooing two women away from an area and explaining that they need to move for fear of “dirty bullets.”

“Whatever officer [is] gettin’ shot need to be,” another woman is overheard saying before calling an officer a “punk” and “coward.”

The Sacramento Bee reported that officer Tara O’Sullivan, 26, was killed Wednesday afternoon after a rifle-wielding suspect shot her as she helped a woman move her things out of a home. The suspect allegedly then engaged in a standoff with police which concluded with his surrender eight hours later.

Reports indicated that it took 45 minutes to get the injured officer to UC Davis, where she died a short time later.

Throughout the ordeal, law enforcement urged residents to stay away from the intersection of Redwood Avenue and Edgewater Road. While it’s not immediately known where the footage was shot, bystanders can be heard talking about an armed man barricaded in their home before a rapid succession of gunfire emits gasps from the crowd.

“They’re over here scrambling,” a woman said as the video ended.

Video below:

Twitter has a hard 2.5 minutes limit on video uploads. Watch the full video (actually two videos combined into one), which runs more than 25 minutes, at the link:

They should of charged them with willful interference of a police officers duties.

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