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Video: School Board Member Came Down Off The Stage To Get In An Angry Parents Face And Receive Instant Justice – MSM Tries To Twist The Story

A Connecticut school board member was slugged in the face by an angry parent Tuesday night during a debate on the future of Glastonbury High School’s Native American-inspired mascot.

The dust-up between the parent, Mark Finocchiaro, and board secretary Ray McFall, took place during a 10-minute recess after tempers flared amid a public comment period about the Glastonbury Tomahawks name, which was changed last year to the Glastonbury Guardians. The school’s team logos were also switched from a tomahawk, which many found offensive, to a knight’s helmet.

A committee was formed to consider changing the Tomahawks name and logo in the wake of nationwide protests following the murder of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, by a Minneapolis police officer. The choice was all-but solidified when the National Congress of American Indians subsequently contacted the board and asked that the Tomahawk logo and mascot be phased out.

This is what’s heard from the MSM and they all put a blame on the parent without even publishing the video!

However, after reviewing the videos you will see that the mainstream media is afraid of freedom-thinking parents and that the school board secretary received instant justice for his behavior!

The Daily Beast who first broke the story doesn’t actually link or show the video because the school board member got what he deserved.

The School board guy came off the stage during break got up in the citizen’s face and then shoved him.

Cellphone video recorded by bystanders showed Finocchiaro, 53, confront the 57-year-old McFall, standing nose-to-nose with the former Marine Corps officer. When McFall pushed Finocchiaro away, Finocchiaro responded by punching McFall, who immediately dropped to the floor.

Video below:

Another video:

Here’s the school board member running his mouth before being made look silly, he came down off the stage to get in the guys face after this:

Lt. Mark Davis of the Glastonbury Police told The Daily Beast that the department is “investigating the altercation.”

“No charges have been filed yet, but our investigation is ongoing at this point,” he said.

Finocchiaro’s niece, Miranda Beach—who was there and filmed the attack—told The Daily Beast that the family has been instructed not to say anything about the confrontation “because we’re in contact with lawyers and the police. He doesn’t want to say anything until we get that all figured out.”

However, they released the videos late in the night!
McFall did not respond to a request for comment.

The Glastonbury Public Schools Board, Superintendent Alan Bookman said the board was forced to adjourn the meeting “without voting on the matter.”

“The Board of Education welcomes public comment and appreciates that there will always be passionate testimony when controversial issues are considered,” the statement said. “But it is critical that we listen to each other with respect and follow meeting rules so that everyone can be heard.”

Bookman’s assistant told said that he is unable to comment on the incident at this time “because it is a police matter.”

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