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Video: Smitten Black Girl Rejected by Biden Who Instead Takes Selfies with Old Angry White Women – The Look on Her Face Says It All

Joe Biden has a decades-long habit of making overtly racist remarks, taking discriminatory positions and cavorting with known racists—things that would get anyone to his political right tossed out of polite society. But being on the left must make it okay.

For example we have a video from yesterday where Biden clearly ignores a black girl and the look on her face says it all!

Not only did Biden shun the black girl, not once, but twice, and one of the old white hags that Biden favored cursed her for holding a sign. Look at the evil in that woman’s face.


That girl just got an “in your face” dose of Biden’s life-long TRUE racism. He totally avoided her and the look on her face, she knows. She even tried again to get his attention, but he continued to ignore her. Shame he has so many fooled.
You could see her vote changing as it happened

What a joke, Trump should bring her to one of his events and show her what ALL supporters should be treated like. That was sad.

Compare him with Trump who the mainstream media tries to portray as racist:

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