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Video: CNN Domestic Didn’t Air This, But CNN International Did – Watch President Biden Off Teleprompter and Just Look at the Staffers’ Faces

President Biden made several odd gaffes and misstatements throughout the official White House Fourth of July celebration, appearing confused at times and puzzlingly greeting the crowd with a hearty “Ho ho ho! Happy Independence Day!”

The president, 81, and first lady Jill Biden were joined on stage by Vice President Kamala Harris and second gentleman Doug Emhoff. Harris introduced the “extraordinary” President Biden who then began a short statement of well-wishing for the holiday.

Biden looked more sprightly than during his much-maligned June 27 debate performance. But his statements weren’t much more coherent despite being louder in volume.

Biden’s situation is really complicated.

So much so that the video that we have for you below was censored for the American people!

Joe Biden tried to talk without a teleprompter at the White House tonight.

It’s a catastrophic disaster.

You can see the pain in the faces of his staff.

They finally pull him away…

CNN Domestic did not carry this, CNN International did. President Biden off teleprompter:

7,000 people at the gate waiting to get it… No, no don’t go look!! They’re there!!!

That’s the face you see when you’ve lost your audience 10 seconds into your talk:

They are all happy with Biden’s performance:

Earlier in the day, Biden seemingly lost his train of thought as he stumbled through his very brief speech at a White House barbeque — bizarrely claiming that highway congestion no longer exists and nearly calling nemesis Donald Trump his “colleague.”

“I probably shouldn’t even say that … anyway,” the commander in chief said after the latter bumble to a crowd of military service members and their families.

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